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Are Russian Manicures the Way to Go? Recommendations on this current nail trend

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Russian manicures have quickly become the nail treatment du jour for 2023. Social influencers such as Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner have been promoting the latest nail trend all over their platforms. There are even Tik Toks and Instagram handles dedicated to the technique. But what exactly is a Russian manicure? What benefits does it claim to provide? And is it truly an ethical way to treat your nails?

What is a Russian manicure?

As the name goes, the Russian manicure technique originated in Russia and Eastern Europe.

While during a traditional manicure, a nail tech may ask if you would like your cuticles cut or pushed back, a Russian manicure’s purpose to remove that entire layer of skin that protects your nails as they grow.

Fans of the process claim this is the way to make a nail polish last and make their nails look stronger and shinier. The process involves removing excess skin surrounding the nailbed to achieve a crisp, clean finish. At Ma Jolie, we researched the process and spoke with two dermatologists who recommend to STAY AWAY FROM RUSSIAN MANICURES.

It’s Not Hygienic

To provide a clean trim for a Russian manicure, a nail tech will use an electronic file or drill to remove the extra cuticle under the nailbed...that’s the soft tissue under the hard pard of your nail. This can allow bacteria and fungus in and cause significant nail infections or persistent bleeding. Not to mention, it can also permanently weaken or alter the structure of your nail.

Trimming down to the nailbed can also cause hypersensitivity from hand products such as nail polish, perfumes, hand creams, and sanitizers. With the nailbed essentially being destroyed, hands become hypersensitive and increase the chances of contact dermatitis. The last thing you want from a manicure is a skin irritation or rash.

At Ma Jolie, our signature manicure is designed to treat the hands with care. We provide a warm soak, file and shape, light and gentle cuticle pushing, exfoliate, massage, and polish.

It’s a Time-Suck

Some nail techs performing the process have been known to take nearly three hours to conduct a Russian manicure. Safe and traditional manicures, like the methods performed at Ma Jolie, on average take 45 minutes. Why would anyone spend 3x time on a service that could jeopardize their hands, let alone their health?

They Cost Too Much

Unless you have money to burn, the average Russian manicure will run you between $70 to $125. That’s more than double what you would pay at any other high-end salon. You’re basically gambling your hands have a nice finish that lasts four weeks versus going for the sure thing at nearly half the price.

Is this something you really want?

There’s no question Russian manicures look great on social media. They have a completely flawless appearance worth many likes on Instagram. But this experiment is not worth the long-term health risks to your nails.

If you are looking for a stellar shine to your fingertips, we recommend you speak with one of our nail techs today to see what might be right for your fingertips. It may be better to stick with the best cuticle oils to nourish and strengthen your nails instead of opting for this new nail trend. Not all hands are created equal, and we have the experience and training to recommend what will deliver a long-lasting effect that won’t permanently damage your hands.

If you would like to schedule an appointment and speak with us more, we are available for you. Contact us here to learn more.

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